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We're hooked on the brothers!
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I made my first Super Mario Maker level! A recreation of the Doomship from the old "Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3" cartoon! Please play it. 8BOE-OOOO-O2E2-5EBO
If you're having trouble in it, be sure to hold the run button to get over the Bob-omb pipe, (or bounce on one to get on it) and there's a hidden item box in the boss room.
My browser is displaying my DA search results full-sized, and I can't get them to go back to small thumbnail size on my browser! How do I make 'em small again?!
Just saw Elvis in a crowd, a UFO, and a unicorn in a field, :icondjpon3plz: but I can't find a single mini "NES Classic Edition" anywhere!
So somebody who's a huge fan of me noted me this image they drew in my honor.… Isn't it the most beautiful thing? I can't favorite it enough! I love it! You all have to see it! This guy is so awesome! Thank you so much for the lovely image! I'll always treasure it! :D
Bought/downloaded "Sonic Generations" from the Nintendo 3DS Eshop, (it's temporarily only 11 bucks on it, 60% off) and it's surprisingly quite good. Brought back my love for the series. Get it now, before it goes back to full price.
  • Watching: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
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First off I appologize for not responding much, not updating, not drawing, and I want to thank you all for the Happy Birthdays, (especially, those I haven't talked to in awhile) and kind words. I've been quite busy working, (I have a job now) and taking care of my Mother who is still coping with losing Dad. (Which I'm still kinda bummed about too.) I also apologize for not updating this journal, and letting you know how I'm doing. I've been quite busy.

Also, I got a WiiU, (In fact, I'm using it now to type this, as I still haven't gotten a new computer/lappy, so I can't put up any new pics yet) so feel free to add me, but be sure to let me know who you are, otherwise I might think you're a stranger, and ignore the request.

Like I said I've been busy, so if I don't respond instantly, don't take it personally.


Beau, it's pronounced like "Bo"
United States


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